The Great and Terrible implementation of MPI-2

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Causes all previous writes to be transferred to the storage device
int MPI_File_sync(
  MPI_File mpi_fh


[in] file handle (handle)


Calling MPI_FILE_SYNC with mpi_fh causes all previous writes to mpi_fh by the calling process to be transferred to the storage device. If other processes have made updates to the storage device, then all such updates become visible to subsequent reads of mpi_fh by the calling process. MPI_FILE_SYNC may be necessary to ensure sequential consistency in certain cases (see above).

MPI_FILE_SYNC is a collective operation.

The user is responsible for ensuring that all nonblocking requests and split collective operations on mpi_fh have been completed before calling MPI_FILE_SYNC---otherwise, the call to MPI_FILE_SYNC is erroneous.

Example Code

The following sample code illustrates MPI_File_sync.

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